and my hands always hover. {yining; intersectional, queer, poet}

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my fingertips are shadows

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There has only been five female characters comfirmed playable compared to fifteen male characters.

I’m amazed at those exact numbers because 33% is the point where men will start thinking there’s a majority of women in a group.

Logical conclusion: women are actually elite soldiers. One woman could easily best three men.


"What a birb do? Hav boyfrien birb who want make a nest an eggs, but am not redy for such commitenb emotion or physcel. Parental birb like boy birb but am now a fearful? what a birb do!? Many a thank and birbseeds for you"


Please!  Remain the true to asself.  GOOB- a knowing how the feel.  Please it is not the job for you of create egg bab, live inna nests before ready.  IF boyfrien say “you muts!” when say the not ready probably not good boyfrin.  Please Discuss with the frien wh o a trust, tell boyfrien in comfort safe space. If donut feel safe, have safety plan firts.  Please good luck!


This is the best relationship advice I’ve ever seen from an oddly-grammared fictional bird.


It’s so weird how conservatives say that feminists are just playing the victim and then they turn around and say they’re being oppressed because they have to treat LGBTQ+ people like human beings



If y’all need proof of the power of a haircut and facial hair—-this is the same guy


this is fucked up. this fucked me up.




if someone ever makes me the godparent of their child i’m going to make sure their child grows up referring to me as their fairy godparent and believing that i am their fairy godparent

Will you wear a pointy crown and have a star wand and little fairy wings too?

no of course not don’t be ridiculous

i will have huge fairy wings

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It’s very sad when a TV show that you used to love reaches the point where, instead of getting all excited and praising the writers and plots and characters for hours, the best thing you can honestly say when someone asks you about it is, “Well, hopefully they won’t fuck it up TOO badly…”



nothing fucked me up more than hearing the line “now they’re going to bed and my stomach is sick, and it’s all in my head but she’s touching his chest” in mr brightside and REALIZING THAT SICK AND CHEST DON’T RHYME… ….SH E’S NOT TOUCHIGN HIS CHEST…..

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Question: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you
Peter/Sylvester: *mumbling* oh i dont know….
Audience member: “A GRANDDAUGHTER”



Question: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you

Peter/Sylvester: *mumbling* oh i dont know….

Audience member: “A GRANDDAUGHTER”





#this is the most disturbingly normal photo of famous people i have ever seen #they look like a bunch of cousins at a book shop #stop ruining the illusion of show business guys #you’re supposed to look famous all of the time

#it’s like the weekly stark day out or something #catelyn has insisted they take this picture because she’s started scrap booking #except theon is in his teen rebellion stage and refuses to look at the camera #robb is being the good eldest son #sansa just likes cameras and arya still has a few years of cute left#then there’s jon snow #just glad to be here
Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible.
—Things I’ll teach my children (via infl4ted)


something about memories


Rosie is so hot then rose is just so cute. Like wow.

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Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr Art by:

Hallpen, the great.